The time has been set for the presentation of When Stars Were in Reach and the live performance by Boonescuttle5 on Sunday, June 7, 2015. The scheduled time for the presentation is 2PM. The live concert will follow the Q&A, which follows the presentation. Festivities are estimated to go on until 4PM.  Our guess is they will go a bit past the 4PM estimated ending time.

You’ve got to love the art work by a member of the event committee at the Westfield Historical Society named Kerrie. We will work tirelessly until her last name is uncovered so that she receives the accolades due her. Kerrie has not only created a collectable in her own right but she has done so by tipping her cap, so to speak, to the artist of the original Union Catholic Who concert poster. The Westfield event is announced alongside the original poster by replicating the look and style of the original, which has always been so unique and so eye-capturing.

Kudos to Kerri!!