Song List From Decoys’ Union Catholic Concert Found After 50 Years

decoys song list croppedIn preparation for the upcoming Decoys reunion concert, scheduled to take place on Saturday night November 18, 2017, the various members of The Decoys have been looking through old files and drawers for memorabilia from their history.  In doing so, Jon Kenseth made a remarkable discovery.  He discovered the song list from the Union Catholic show, the show in which they opened for The Who on November 29,1967.

The washed out and barely legible list is revealing to say the least.  The list checks out in that none of the songs were released by their original artists after November of 1967.  Noteworthy is that the band played two songs recorded by the hugely popular but star-crossed local band The Myddle Class – Free as The Wind and Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long, which also was recorded by the Blues Project as “Wake Me Shake Me.”

At the time of the Union Catholic show, The Decoys were a cover band and indeed all the songs were covers.  The band covered the most that night by The Decoys was The Byrds, with three songs.

The list as best can be deciphered is as follows

  • 1) Don’t Doubt Yourself Babe (Byrds)
  • 2) It’s My Life (Animals)
  • 3) She Don’t Care About Time (Byrds)
  • 4) Hey Joe (Hendrix and others)
  • 5) No Time Like the Right Time (Blues Project)
  • 6) Come On Let’s Go (The McCoys)
  • 7) 3/5 of a Mile in 10 Seconds – (Jefferson Airplane)
  • 8) Have you Seen Her Face (The Byrds)
  • 9) Crossed out???
  • 10) Sock It To Me (Mitch Ryder)
  • 11) Things I Should Have Said (The Grass Roots)
  • 12) Free as The Wind (Myddle Class)
  • 13) She is Still A Mystery to Me (Lovin’ Spoonful)
  • 14) Gimme Some Lovin’ (Spencer Davis Group)
  • 15) Omaha (Moby Grape)
  • 16) Don’t Let Me Sleep Too Long (Myddle Class, Blues Project)

One large question to be asked is: As a tribute to the band’s history and that historic evening, will The Decoys play any of the songs on the list? I guess we’ll have to be there to find out.