Which Doesn’t Belong and Why?

Part I of this post detailed how Decoys’ drummer Mike Mazzarisi used Chris Salman’s snare drum for the Decoys’ Union Catholic show and how Keith Moon ended up using it during The Who’s performance.  Remember the famous Zapruder film from the JFK assassination.  Well, check this out.  We now have incontrovertible evidence of Mike Mazzarisi’s story.

Below are two photos.  The first is a photo from the previous post of (from left to right) of Chris Salman, author Michael Rosenbloom with the famous snare drum and Jim McClurken, lead guitarist for The Decoys.  Take a look at that snare drum in the photo.  The second photo is of Keith Moon’s Pictures of Lily drum kit taken by then Freshman Nancy Scalera Mackow, a few minutes after the Union Catholic show.  A beautiful photo isn’t?  You may correctly recognize the photo from the back cover of “When Stars Were in Reach.”  See the cymbal strewn across the drum kit after the smash up.  See also John Entwistle’s bass guitar.  I consider this photo to be a tip of the hat to the two deceased members of The Who – Keith Moon and John Entwistle.

But now take a closer look at the various drums that make up Keith Moon’s drum kit.  See something that doesn’t belong?  Look at the snare drum.  It’s the only drum that doesn’t have the Pictures of Lily design on it.  Why is it different?  Because it was Chris Salman’s snare drum. That’s why!

Not sure why no one ever noticed this, especially not this writer.  It’s amazing the discoveries one can make by examining old photographs with a critical eye.

snare drum 11967,_Nov_29_Union_Catholic_HS_The_WHO_concert_Keith_Moon's_drumset